Currently in Silverton, CO for the next month and half working at the San Juan Grill. The website is undergoing a full renovation due to a hard drive crash and will hopefully be up and running this week. The Life in Silverton DVD will be finished and mailed out by the end of this month and possibly might have a showing at the Pride of the West Bar & Grill. Got a lot of great pics so far...check them out by clicking here!

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World premiere of Life in Silverton is this thursday at the Pride of the West Bar & Grill in Silverton. Can’t wait...should be a great time! If your in the area make sure you check it out!!


Back in NY for one more semester of school. Had a great summer in Silverton! Lots of great photos so be sure to check out the new photos page. Rock climbing, camping, the Great Sand Dunes, Beer, Fireworks, Moonstone & more!! Check out the pics by clicking here!


Leaves are changing, frost is lingering early morning, its full on fall here in Hurley, NY. Snowfall is just around the corner! Check out some new pics from fall 2010 by clicking here!


Added a few more photo’s of some fall time adventures in hurley, check them out by clicking here! Recently got a Canon 7d HDSLR camera and have been blown away by the quality of this camera! 18 megapixel pictures and HD video. Keep checking back for samples from this camera.


Heading to Silverton, CO on the 30th of this month for the winter. Stoked. Graduating from Dutchess this semester. Stoked. Got a few new accessories for the new Canon 7d. Stoked. Should be a productive couple of weeks ahead, keep checking back for new pics and vids!


It twas a great Christmas back home in NY! The first one since 2004. Family, friends, and good times ensued. Heading back to Silverton, CO this thursday the 30th. New York has treated me well these past 5 months, it amazes me how many people strive to leave this area when in fact there is so many great things about it, you just have to be creative and persistent. Added some new pics to the NY-Fall section, check them out by clicking here!.

Should also have a few more sample videos from the holidays posted soon so keep checking back!




Back in Silverton, CO surrounded by the San Juans, the snow, and a bunch of awesome people! Mother nature has treated Silverton well this year so far with plenty of snow. Skied a few times up at Silverton Mountain and had a booter session on top of Red Mountain pass. Got some new pics for ya! Check them out by clicking here!


The San Juans are ripe for the picking! Been getting out skiing and filming as much as possible this past week and hopefully continuing the streak for the rest of the winter. There’s speculation of a new Life in Silverton movie ready for viewing by mid-March so keep checking back for updates on the progress. Bunch of new skiing pics up!

Check them out by clicking here!


Got a few more new pics up in the Silverton gallery! Check them out by clicking here!


Been a great month so far! Won a pair of Salomon Rocker 2‘s through Salomon and Powder Magazine’s online video contest. Check it out at www.powdermag.com/mantle/rocker-2-times-2/. Also got a bunch more pics up, take a look by clicking here!


It’s truly been an epic winter. The Life in Silverton: Volume II premiere on St. Patty’s day was so much fun! Thanks to all who came out especially my dad, my gf Jackie, and Josh, Vanessa, Courtney and AJ. They traveled quite the distance to come to Silverton for the movie. Also a big thanks to Justin Ebelheiser and Marc Kloster, without them Life in Silverton II wouldn’t have been possible. I recently got a job working for Matchstick productions in Crested Butte CO as an assistant editor, check out their website! www.skimovie.com. I couldn’t be happier! Got a few new pics up in the Silverton Gallery check them out by clicking here! Expect more in the next week or two, been real busy moving the butte!

My dad is 54 years young and isn’t afraid to take a lil air!

Life In Silverton: Volume II